The Counselling Services

Family Problems

Most families will experience relationship difficulties. As emotionally complex beings with a range of opinions, ideas, and feelings, it is normal to find ourselves in disagreement at times. However, relationship problems and negative emotions can often spiral and worsen, leading to more complex difficulties. Are you finding yourself struggling with family relationships?

A therapist can help you to discuss and understand your family difficulties. They can help you learn how to cope and manage difficult situations and disagreements. Giving you the best chance to improve your relationships with your partner and family and find the best resolutions to any problems you may be having.

How can counselling help?

Individual counselling and psychotherapy may allow individuals to identify unhealthy relationship patterns. It can offer the opportunity to make sense of your feelings and discover why you may behave in certain ways.

One evidence based therapy technique is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which can help you focus on the link between the emotions, thoughts and behaviour associated with your relationship. This can be a beneficial technique, changing the way an individual responds to the situations that provoke relationship problems.

Some therapists may choose to focus on mindfulness, relaxation, and problem solving. These can help you approach conflict with a calm attitude.